jeudi 13 mai 2010

Humble Uker Ramblings: Ukulele Attitude + Sound Cloud

Lors de mes lectures quotidiennes, ce matin, j'ai trouvé un petit mot sympa sur le blog Humble Uker Ramblings ;-) Merci, voici le lien ci-dessous afin de continuer la lecture.
During my daily reading, this morning, I found a nice little note from the blog Humble Uker Ramblings ;-) Thanks, here is the link below to continue reading.

Humble Uker Ramblings: Ukulele Attitude + Sound Cloud

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HumbleUker a dit…

Hello again Pierre:

I was looking over your site and ended up on your flicker photos. You have a photo of a flower on a music notebook with a pencil. It looks like your studies for creating a new song. I have tried to create notebooks and to arrange some music myself. Sometimes I find chord relationships that I like and will write small pieces of songs. I was wondering if you would share a little bit with me on how you create your improvisations and then notate them. Thanks, Jeff

Pierre a dit…

Hello Jef,

About improvisations, chords that go well together, the difficulty is just for me to write.
For example, last night I watch the video that you present :

Humble Uker Ramblings: YT Videos || WAITSWATCHER || AJARA

And I started to play my inspiration in the rhythm, in the atmosphere; I've found chords (without necessarily knowing them), which I think sounds good and I improvise like that. (I will certainly make a lil' video)

Today with video recording, it is easy to keep track of visual and sound and sometimes on the same time I write tablature chords. But this last point is not easy; because I often use open strings simultaneously with a chord.
In summary, I just start trying to transcribe these chords by writing, it's not easy and it's harder for me with the strum stick :-( but interesting !
That is how I do today, for this first step ;-)

See you soon, Jeff, have a nice day.