samedi 15 mai 2010

Voyage en Espagne

Improvisation, last night I watch this video YT Videos || WAITSWATCHER || AJARA on Humble Uker Ramblings blog :

And I started to play my inspiration in the rhythm, in the atmosphere; I've found chords (without necessarily knowing them), which I think sounds good and I improvise like that.
Here is a short video of that moment in my castle in Spain ;-)

Picture from Flickr, The Field Museum Library's photostream

2 commentaires:

HumbleUker a dit…

Hello Pierre:

I am working writing my first musical improvisation. I have been playing with different sequences. Putting them together in a musically pleasing way is the next test.

You have a nice castle.


Pierre a dit…

Hello Jeff:

Cool! I am eager to hear an audio clip ;-)

Happy strumming !